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Weight Management
Weight Management

Are you finding it hard to maintain weight? Wait no more! Manage weight and transform your body, mind, and health with a healthy and safe weight maintenance program today. Let our licensed and insured health experts at Before & After Salon & Spa of Naples, FL help you live a healthy and balanced life. Count on our experience of over 30 years for better and reliable guidance and services.

Services to help you discover a healthier you

Don't let your weight take over your life

  • Vitamin program (Omnitrition)

  • Rapid weight loss

  • Healthy options for weight maintenance

  • Weight guidance

Being overweight can put you at risk for serious health conditions. Don't let it make you sick and slow. Let us help you lead a healthy life by successfully managing your weight.


Taking the first step is always the most difficult. Our friendly, professional, and knowledgeable team will help you take the step towards a healthier path.

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Helping You Maintain a Healthy Weight

Make the right choices for your health with our guidance. We pride ourselves on our levels of experience. Get in touch with us for

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Omnitrition health and weight loss products are available. You will feel great, sleep well, and drop weight quickly.